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Sandwich Panel uses colour coating steel sheet as surface board, it uses self-extinguishing polystyrene, Polyurethane, crystal cotton and rock cotton as core material, it is over-light architectural board heated and pressed in continuous moulding machine with solidifying glue. It has excellences of small weight(1/20---1/30 of concrete roof), heat preservation, heat insulation(its heat conduction coefficient is 0.034W/mk), rapid construction speed(operate without humidity and needn't repeated fitment), is a new type protection structural material congregates bearing, heat preservation and water resistance. The product is used to purify factory roof, protect and purify product industrial factory, storehouse, refrigeratory; Large-span roof board, adding layer for original building, temporary office, store, market and sentry box. 
Technical parameter:

1. Board thickness: 50mm---250mm

2. Weight: 9.97kg/m2---13.23kg/m²

3. Heat-conduction coefficient: 0.063λ ---0.019λ

4. Use temperature: 70º C---80º C

5. Oxygen index: ≥ 26

Life span : more than 25 years
Certificate: ISO9001:2000
1. Light in weight
2. Heat-insulation, good sound insulation
3. Good durability,
4. Waterproof        
5. Competitive in price      
6. Fireproof: A1
7. Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Sheets then Color Coated
8. Sound insulation: Up to 40-50 decibels
Top quality:
1. Import processing equipment, modernized production line
2. Reasonable and strict processing flow.
3. Strict quality inspection, five inspection procedures
4. Special competence of personnel going to post after professional skill check.
High-class efficiency:
1. Processing capacity two large-scale manufacturing workshop & design
2. Material supply rapidness, smooth, with adequate spare parts
3. Management capacity rich experience.­




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